Friday, July 13, 2012

Screen Door Attempt 2

This will be our second attempt to put on a screen door.  Last year we put the hinges on backwards and it never did shut right.  Just in case you might be wondering if I actually do any of this work too the answer is yes!  I guess I need to get Bert behind the camera to take some pics of me being handy with the screw driver.

We successfully put the screen door on but unfortunately the spring is messed up so it doesn't shut tightly.  I sure would like it if the screen door would slam tightly shut by itself.  Oh well we decided that unless we can get the spring to work right we will probably just add an extra latch down at the bottom to make it more secure.


  1. Try shortening the spring.

  2. Thank You for trying to help anonymous. We can't seem to get the spring tight enough and then when we do stetch it the hook gets bent. We will see if shortening the spring will help.