Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog direction

I have experimented a bit in order to decide what direction to take with this blog. I have finally decided that sometimes the best content of our lives can be the choices we seem forced into-the scary, annoying unplanned. Let me explain... A couple of years ago my husband and I moved into a trailer in which we had been told was completely rebuilt brand new.  With 15 acres to play with and a modest but decent home we were quite excited.  Long story short for some reason I am completely allergic to whatever mold that this trailer grows like you cannot believe. My health became so poor that we ended up spending way too much money on hotel rooms just so I would have a safe place to recover. Of course the money ran out very quickly and I was left confused as to what to do and where to go because all of our meager savings had been invested into moving onto our land and new home. However, I got an idea to purchase a 10x20 playhouse to put on our property and live in it until further notice.  I have now lived in it over a year. 
Somewhere along the line I ended up falling in love with this little place. There is an attachment to it because it is the first and only place I have ever lived in which noone else has been there before. In other words it truly is mine. So I have decided that we are going to turn this little playhouse into a real house. We have already made a few changes and I wish I had started this blog from the beginning of the process but later is better than never.
In the beginning we just insulated and paneled the walls so that I would have a warm place to sleep. Now we have added a loft bedroom and are working on a loft storage space.  We have no electricity and it has not been wired for electricity as of yet.  A heavy duty extension cord provides me with light, ac, heat etc.
There is no plumbing so I have been walking over to the trailer to shower, use the restroom and do laundry as well as cook. Although now we have made an outdoor kitchen so that I spend as little time as possible in the mold infested trailer. Recently, I broke my leg and I thought, "Great how am I supposed to get back and forth now." I asked Bert to build me a bridge from the playhouse to the trailer and that worked really well. I made it through and my broken leg is almost completely healed. I am now more than ready to tackle the many projects that are ahead of me.
I hope that I attract some readers that will enjoy this adventure with us. Maybe we might even get some good advice from someone out there who knows a lot more than we do! We are both just doing the best we can as neither of us has ever built our own house before. Please understand that we are doing this on a budget of $0 meaning every dime we spend is money we truly need for bills and debt. Any advice generously given to us should only include space and cost effective methods.
I might also discuss some of our other adventures as well such as raising ducks, learning how to grow organic veggies etc.
Here is a short video of my playhouse that I filmed last winter-with each change we make it becomes more and more exciting. I will post more pics and updates regularly. My flip video camera is broken so until it gets fixed I can only post pictures.


  1. Good luck to you both-it would be hard to do this without help when you have never done it before. I like that playhouse it just seems so woodsy.

  2. Thank You for the well wishes. I have grown to love my little play house.