Monday, July 23, 2012

One of Our Ducks Got Hurt Today

    Today I woke up and did my normal routine which always involves checking on my little ducks.  Only 3 came to greeet me and I immediately freaked out because I knew something was wrong.  Then here came my duck Siren limping slowly behind everyone else.  Bert said when he had gotten up earlier he discovered that she had hay twine wrapped around her legs and couldn't move.  He took it off of her and checked to see if her leg was broken.  Although her leg is not broken her foot is hurt.
    From a female perspective my mood is a bit heavy because this is the first time any of my ducks have ever gotten hurt.  It is a reminder to me that as much as I try to protect the animals, people and things I care about, there is still so much that is out of my control.  It is so easy to try to shut yourself down emotionally towards the people and animals you care about in a desperate attempt to never have to feel the pain that accompanies them getting hurt or dying.  You tell yourself if I force myself not to feel or care then I won't have to hurt.  Sadly, the truth is that during our lives we will hurt in some way, shape or form despite all of our attempts to avoid it.
    Now from a male's perspective Bert says he was concerned at first but once he took the twine off  he really hasn't thought about it much.  He says he hopes she's ok but the duck being injured doesn't bring out any deep emotions within him.  He says, " I know she will be fine" as he quietly gives in to his early afternoon sleepiness :) 

She did not enjoy being picked up while I checked her legs and feet...

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