Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Whereabout Wednesday!

 Whereabout Wednesday happens every other Wednesday.  It is a fun time where we post our travels around Kentucky and other neighboring states.  Every now and then we might go somewhere even further who knows that is what makes it Whereabout Wednesday lol.  Where will we be next?
 Our first travel blog is about Makers Mark Distillery in Loretto, KY.  Makers Mark just happens to be the only handmade straight bourbon whiskey in the entire US.  However, on the bottle they spell it as WHISKY without the E.  Bert points out that it might be that they are showcasing our states abbreviation KY.   It was an interesting tour. 

                       I copied this pic from the internet just to show you what Maker's Mark is (I do not own the copyright)...

  Off we go...
  We learned that Mr. Samuels purchased the distillery land especially because of the 15-16 acre limestone lake.  This lake water is used for every single bottle of Makers Mark.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to see the lake.  There was plenty more to see though.

                         First sight is an old firetruck and gas pump.

   See the old fireman's jackets, hats and extinguishers...

Old fire truck

The old office

 Bert pushing my cousin Philip through Whisky Creek Bridge

Whisky Creek

                                     The "first drive through liquor store"

Whisky Wagon

Maker's Mark Distillery

The mash barrels-they actually let you taste all of the differently aged mash
Whisky Wall
Hand dipping the bottles

 Maker's Mark Whisky ages in these white oak barrels to taste
 approximately 6 years

The Free Tasting begins

     Geez Philip how many glasses do you need ?  Lol, just kidding this pic is a bit
deceptive (wink).
Bert says, "Yes, quite smooth"

I didn't like the way I looked in my pic so this is all I'm showing.  Hey it's my blog I can do what I like :)

Sign up online to be an ambassador and they will put your name on a plaque and display it on one of the barrels.  It is free to sign up!  You get all kinds of free stuff.  Once your barrel ages to perfection you are welcome to purchase 2 bottles from your very own barrel!

We ended our tour with a quick lunch at the toll gate cafe.
             We really thought the bourbon barbecue sauce was absolutely delicious!   However, we weren't that impressed with the other food.  Sorry :(  In all fairness though we tend to be picky eaters because we are used to eating at home.  At home we cook with quality food and lots of spices and flavorings as well as fresh veggies.
  In closing, I always buy a bottle of Maker's Mark every winter.  I use it when needed to fight nasty colds and winter bugs.  We make a drink from the whisky that is called a hot toddy.  My family has used this toddy to fight nasty colds for as long as I can remember.  Maybe I will share how I make it sometime :)  Hope you enjoyed this post.

If You'd like more info about Maker's Mark Distillery here is their website link as well as a funny video from youtube...

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