Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Difficult Day

Today is a difficult day for me.  We are dropping the puppies off at the shelter this evening.  We have fostered them through their sickness and they are healthy and lively now.  They will make great dogs for someone out there.
An old friend must have felt my distress and stopped by to see me today.  This is Francais.  I nurtured him back to health earlier this year.  He was getting attacked by dogs and was quite battered.  Once he was well I let him go and he took off quickly(well quickly for a turtle).  I turned my back and decided not to watch him go but wished him the best.  So he picked today to visit me and show me he was doing just fine.
I know I have heard that some things and people are only in our life for a season.  The quicker this is accepted the better you are able to deal with the pain.  However, some are harder to let go of than others and you will feel pain and that is just one fact of life little grasshopper ;)


  1. I can understand the pain of saying good-bye to the puppies, but that turtle was meant to say, Well done!"